Japan 1988



Finally champion


This was Senna's first chance to win the World title Formula 1, a title which he had been working so hard and so long for, ever since he had been racing with the go-karts at home.


This was his chance, and this was his year, he really deserves the title. If he won, he had the title.

It started good, with a pole-position. 1'41"853, he was quickest in the warm-up, so what could go wrong?


But the start went wrong. "The clutch was very sensitive and I got the jump on the green light only for the engine to stall. It was partly the clutch, and partly my fault. I thought it was all over for me, I dropped the clutch and got going and the engine stalled again but I managed to pick it up a second time and staggered away. I was really lucky".


After lap 1 he was in 8th position. Prost in the lead, but Senna needed to win to get the title, Prost needed to win to have a chance to win it at Adelaide.



He was now in 4th position behind Berger.
At lap 10 the gap to Prost was 11.628.
On lap 11 he overtook Berger.
Rain started to fall.
On lap 19 the electric's on Capelli's car failed.
Senna was now second behind Prost. The battle for the championship was open.
And Senna came hard, giving it all.
After eight laps, he got by Prost. And Senna would not be caught.
Senna spent the final laps gesturing to have the rave stopped.
He was on slick tires, and the rain was coming down.
But Ayrton Senna from Brazil had won the race, and winning that race gave him his first championship in his career. He finally got it, and deserved more than anyone else!




number 1 is in the pocket...





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