Japan 1989




Senna needed to win the race to have a chance for the title.

Senna took the pole.

At lap 1 Prost was in the lead, Senna immediatly following him. Haunting.


Senna haunted Prost until lap 47. Senna tried to pass Prost.

Senna took the inside before going into the chicane, Prost closed the door and pushed Senna of. (Fia rule said that if a car that is passing you is already over half of your car, you Have to let him go, Prost didn't)


Senna could continue, and won the race. But was later diqualified by Fia-president at the time Balestre who was 'just like Prost' French. he was prevented from going to the podium. And lost the title.



Senna was furious.


Later in december 1997, after Senna's death, Balestre admitted that he delibratly disqualified Senna to help Prost!!!


Senna was beaten by the system, a corrupt system.
If he had won that race and the championship he could have won 4 consequtive world-titles. just like Fangio.

Senna got robbed.



I miss 1 victory in my career, that 1989 race in Japan, I won. But got prevented by Balestre from going to the podium, I was robbed, robbed badly by the system, the result of that championship in 1989, was the 1990 championship, it was a sad championship but it was a result of the politics involved by Balestre'


'You can see that Prost turned in 10m earlier than normal' (Bernie Ecclestone)




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