Japan 1990


Senna took pole-position. But before that he was asking the officials all weekend long to move the pole from the dirty side to the cleaner one, after all pole-position is a reward! The officials said it was oké. So Senna went fast in qualifying. Then Balestre called from Paris to say that the pole has to stay on the other side ( he called After qualifying, so Prost could now start on the clean side). Senna was furious. Senna made a decision and let fate decide. 'Prost better not turn in on me'.


But that is what Prost did, They collided and the championship was over. Senna did to Prost what Prost did to Senna the year before. But Evens till Senna's was different, because he already made his mind up before the start, that he would go for it. While Prost's was decided during the race.


He had left the decision to fate, and fate decided he was the new World champion.



'He is always trying to destroy people. He tried to destroy me in the past on different occasions and he hasn't managed, and he will not manage because I know who I am and where I want to go!.' (A. Senna).


And Prost never did could destroy him, it was more the other way around.





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