Monaco 1987




Senna was on the front row with a time of 1'23"711. Mansell was on pole.

Mansell took the lead with Senna behind him.


Senna knew that the race took 78 laps to complete and therefor took it easy at the beginning, while Mansell was giving it all. On lap 28 he had 11 seconds over Senna, on the next lap it was only 6 seconds. Mansell was out with a broken exhaust, he pushed to hard to stay in front of Senna.


Senna led Piquet by 16.607 seconds, and that would be enough.



' Towards the end I was having trouble with the selection of second and third gears and there was one bad moment near the swimming pool. I couldn't get the gear in and suddenly realized I had to get on the brakes! The car got a little bit sideways but it was OK, no problem' (Senna)




Senna was the first Brazilian ever to win the Gp of Monaco, and even today he is the only Brazilian who won it.


Now, Senna's Era at Monaco at started, the king of Monaco was born.





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