Monaco 1992



'This is such a unique circuit that it doesn't accurately reflect the performance of the car. It's just a question of getting around the hairpins.'


He started 3rd on the grid behind the 'Super' Williams' . or like Senna said 'Cars from another planet'.


After the start Senna was 2nd. He had passed Patrese.


Senna just tried to keep the gap as small as possible. On lap 71 Mansell thought he had a puncture, and pitted for tires. Senna was now leading. 'I knew Nigel would catch me on fresh tires - So I gave it everything. And all I could do was to try and stay on the road and in the right place. On the straights it was like a drag race, you know, wheel spin in third and fourth gear'


It was like going on ice.



Mansell was trying everywhere to pass him, but didn't manage, it was definitely the most exciting race of the season. Mansell didn't manage, and Senna won at his own Monaco. 'Sometimes it was like there were 3 Mclarens in front of me' said Mansell. Senna managed to make his Mclaren wide. And even lift of at the straights, to back of Mansell.



Magic Senna Wins again on Monaco!





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