Portugal 1985


21 April 1985


Senna took his first pole ever. 1'21"007. He simply dominated qualifying.


The race itself was wet. Senna made a smooth start.


By lap 10 he already had a lead of 12 seconds over his teammate of 1985, Elio De Angelis.



Cars were spinning everywhere.


On lap 43 Alboreto overtook De Angelis for 2nd place, but Senna already had a lead of 58.066 seconds over Alboreto.


Within 10 laps he increased it to 1m09.983 and kept increasing it, until he backed of near the end. Meaning that he could have lapped everyone.


17 of the 26 starters Didn't finish.




"The big danger was that the conditions changed all the time. Sometimes the rain was very heave, and sometimes not. I couldn't see anything behind me. It was very difficult to keep the car in a straight line sometimes and for sure the race should have been stopped. It was much worse then Monaco last year." (Ayrton Senna)




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