Since it is impossible to tell all the details of Senna's private life,we took a selection of remarkable things, or nice stories.


Ayrton Senna and Xuxa



Xuxa is a Brazilian superstar since the 1980's. She has her own show for children. Begin of the 90's she was ranked 38 in the best paid artists of the world.


* the original conversations are in portuguese


It all started in 1988, when Xuxa was just watching a magazine, and on the cover it had a picture of Ayrton Senna. Inside the magazine,there were pictures of Ayrton with alongside him animals. Xuxa was thinking 'wow, look at his face, and he likes animals just like me, and is also famous'


But then she said to her manager (Marlene Mattos) 'well, these things don't happen in my life'. She closed the magazine and forgot about it. A week later, Ayrton phoned her at Tv Globo. She couldn't answer,because she was in the middle of her show. He left a message, and she called back. She said 'hello', and he said 'Hi, most beautiful woman of Brazil'.


They kept on talking, and he asked when they could meet. But she really didn't have time, from monday to saturday. Ayrton asked 'and what about sunday'. Again Xuxa said she couldn't, because she didn't know the time of her flight to return. Ayrton had arranged his plane to go and get her. She agreed, and returned with some of her colleagues. And in the plane there was a sweet card for her from Senna.


When she returned she called him and said she was very tired. And he asked 'What time does it take for me to get at your house' she replied '15 min'. He said, 'I'll be there in 5 min.'. And in 5 min. he was there. He arrived with his wheels spinning and making noise, with smoke coming out of them. Xuxa saw he was really nervous, so was she. When they shook hand, it was really special. Then Xuxa's dog Zéfell in love with him. They talked a lot that night. And then he asked if he could see her the next day. She said she went to see her grandmother, he replied 'I would like to meet her'. Xuxa thought she was going to quick. When he left Xuxa's dog followed him. And Senna said 'This dog knows what's good for his boss'


After that he participated at her show. They started to see eachother frequently. But nothing serious yet.


They started serious the 1st of January 1989. They spend the entire year together. The next year (new year) Xuxa  wanted to be alone,and decided to go to New York When she was preparing her bags, Ayrton was there trying to convince her to stay. When she arrived in New York and opened her bags, it was full of little notes from him, very beautiful, Xuxa said.


When she arrived at her place she was going to stay, nothing was there, no tv, no sofa, nothing in the kitchen.

She asked someone to go to New York for a tv. The trip should have lasted 3 hours, but he returned in 1h 40 min. Xuxa thought somethingwas wrong. When she opened the door, the guy said, I found a tv,and another surprise. It was Ayrton, and had a large tv with him and a message 'I'm in New York, because there is someone who I love there, and who loves me'.


She argued with him. 'We were pretty much the same' she said. She couldn't understand what was going on. 'I wanted a person like him, and I thought everything he did was a lot, but he was choking me.'He gave me so much more then I ever excepted, but I needed time. 'They separated 26th of March 1990.


He wanted someone to join him at the track, and she wanted someone to join her at her business. 'I thought we would meet later' Xuxa said.


'I tried to talk to him various times, but didn't. It was ment to be for another life'.

Senna once said 'Only one time in my life, I thought about having afamily, with children and it was with her with Xuxa.


They never actually stopped seeing each other, because there is a picture taken from the both of them hugging in 1991.


And I'm sure that if Senna ended his career he would go back to Xuxa.

Once when Senna went over to Xuxa, she was just having a interview, and Senna joined, and started talking about a dream he had, that he would like to race with a F1 car for two person's so that he could take the love of his life with him.


And he also talked, looking straight in her eyes, how he would like to die right on the track. Xuxa still has that tape with her.


At his funeral Xuxa was walking beside his family. She got along very well with his family, and today she still is a good friend of Senna's sister. Later in 1996/97, Xuxa bought Senna's Audi from his sister. I guess she wanted to have a souvenir of her one and only.

Most part of this story was told by Xuxa herself, at an interview with Caras (brazilian magazine). Another part is from Veja (another braz.magazine).







Family has always been very important to Senna. when he had the chance,he would call home during a Gp weekend, he would call almost every day. He only felt home when he was in Brasil, that's where he hs his family and friends.


Senna himself, of course, wanted to have children. "Children are natural, sincere and unspoiled. As an adult I often wish I could be carefree as a child again. Children are the future, if you want to change something, you have to begin with the children, with their up bringing". I guess that's why he created Senninha, and I guess that's why the Ayrton Senna Foundation exists.


Harmony in the family was a essential part of Senna's life, a partof himself, together with a certain respect for one's elders.


Family was everything for Ayrton. (Mother Neyde Senna, father MiltonDa Silva, sisiter Vivianne Lalli, and brother Leonardo Da Silva).



Personal Information


Full Name Ayrton Senna da Silva
Born 21st March 1960 Sau Paulo, Brazil
Died 1st May 1994 Imola, San Marino
Aged 34
Parents Milton & Neide
Brothers & Sisters Leonardo & Viviane
Height 5ft 9ins
Weight 70kg
Marital Status Divorced, girlfriend Adriane
Children TBC
Hobbies Model aeroplanes
Sports Jet-skiing, waterskiing, tennis, jogging
Favourite Food Fruits and brazilian dishes
Favourite Drink Guarana (sports drink)




Senna and Brasil



"I think that something I can do for my country is that everywhere in the world I show my brazilian flag when I win. And particularly in Brasil, an incredible number of people follow racing. They are very enthusiastic as far as formula 1 is concerned, and everybody can watch it on television, whether they are poor or rich. Even in the 'Favelas' there is tv, so everyone can be part of Gp when I'm driving. People identify with me, so all my battles, my successes, my victories are also a little bit their victories. And that does something for them... Amidst all the difficulties in Brasil, every two weeks it gives them a entertainment, an occasion to feel themselves a part of this other world, an occasionto be happy. I believe that's important for people to have this sense of empathy and I feel that I have this link with them".


Senna loved his country and its people. And the Brazilians loved and admired him. When he first won the Brazilian GP in 1991 and flew home from the circuit with the helicopter to his parents' house in the North of São Paulo, a crowd of 5000-6000 people were already waiting for him.


One of the secrets of this love was that Senna gave hope and confidence to Brazilians, and not just simple people. For them he was the proof that even in their crisis ridden land, with all its corruption and injustice, it was possible to get to the top.


He was their answer to the world, which only ever saw Brasil a country where nothing worked, that couldn't manage anything.


What Senna did, through his victories on the race track, and also trough his business success, was an encouragement for them.





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