Spain 1986



First is first


Senna again dominated qualifying with a pole of 1'21"924, Mansell was next t him and couldn't do better than 1'22"760.


Senna led the race until lap 39. Mansell overtook him as they came upon a back marker.


Mansell led for 10 laps and had a 4 second lead.


Senna tore the lead apart. And overtook Mansell at the uphill hairpin. Mansell risked taking a pit stop.


Senna was forcing what he could from tired tires.


Senna was struggling on old tyros, while Mansell had fresh rubber.


One lap to go and Mansell closed, closed... As they braked for the hairpin Mansell was on him.


Out of the hairpin and they started to sprint. Senna crossed the line and Mansell crossed a fraction of a fraction later. The noses of the car were so symmetrical that Mansell imagined he'd won.



This was and still is the closed finish in formula 1 of all time.



Senna keeps moving up.




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